BRC Global Standards Agents and Brokers V2 – Conversion Issue 1-2 for Auditors

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Course Outline:

This one-day training course gives auditors who currently audit Agents and Brokers Issue 1 a clear understanding of the changes to the protocol and requirements of BRC Global Standards for Agents and Brokers, Issue 2.

The course will conclude with an online exam.

Before the course you must have read and reviewed a copy of the Standard, which is available to download free of charge from the BRC Bookshop.

This course is part of the BRC Global Standards Professional recognition programme.

This Course is Aimed At:

  • Existing BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers auditors

At the End of the Course You Will:

  • Understand the reasons for changes to the Standard, including industry developments;
  • Be able to explain how the changes will benefit retailers, manufacturers, auditors and consumers;
  • Understand the changes from Issue 1 including changes to the format of the Standard, changes to existing clauses, new requirements and clauses;
  • Recognise the changes to the protocol of the Standard; and
  • Know how the audit process should now be carried out and reported.