SQF Fundamentals – 2 Day Course

22/04/2021 - 23/04/2021
All Day

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Course Outline

Food manufacturing companies new to food safety or those with underdeveloped food safety systems will be guided through an exploration of the components of seven foundational programs that, along with their food safety plan, make up the SQF Fundamentals Code: product specifications, facility construction and maintenance, sanitation, personal hygiene and cross-contamination, approved suppliers, product identification and traceability and the internal audit plan.

This 2-day course uses a learner-centred approach to engage attendees and allow them to take ownership of their learning.

Course Pre-requisite

Those individuals who have not completed a HACCP or PCQI class will not be at a disadvantage; however, it is understood that development of either plan is addressed through a separate course.

Throughout this course, learners will work in teams to complete several practical activities using a product selected by the group.  Attendees are encouraged to bring redacted copies of their own documents, such as supplier lists, ingredients and process flow charts to immediately apply the tools and techniques discussed in class to that site.  Attendees who are not yet manufacturing product can work alongside their teammates using the product selected by their group.