Agents & Brokers

The web-based learning course has been designed to ensure all new and existing auditors, ATPs and consultants have a consistent understanding of the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers (Food & Food Packaging).

The training package includes:

  • Three webinar course modules which can be accessed online –
    • The scope of the Standard
    • Requirements of the Standard
    • Auditing the Standard
  • A course book for delegates with space for note-taking and completing the training exercises
  • A blank audit report form, to be referred to during Module 3 of the course
  • The online exam
  • A two-hour mentoring session with a BRCGS approved trainer

Delegates will need to view the webinar training modules in the correct order, and then complete the training exercises in their booklet, before spending two hours with their trainer (either in a one-to-one meeting or via Skype/telephone) who will provide feedback on the exercises and answer/discuss any issues arising from the course or the Standard itself. Following successful completion of the exercises and mentoring session, delegates will have access to the online exam, which needs to be completed with a pass mark of 80% or above to audit the Standard or become a trainer of the Standard. The online exam must be completed with an approved invigilator in attendance, and all exams taken via this method are subject to quality monitoring checks by the BRCGS.

Target Audience

This training course has been designed for delegates who should be:

  • Auditors
    • Existing qualified BRCGS auditors or ATPs registered for the Food, Packaging or Storage and Distribution Schemes.
  • Consultants
    • These are individuals who advise sites on the implementation of the Standard.

Training Pre-requisites

All delegates must have completed the following activity prior to attending the training course:

  • Obtained and read a copy of the Global Standard for Agents & Brokers, which is free to download from the BRCGS website (
  • Auditors only
    • They should have successfully completed HACCP and Lead Assessor/Quality Management systems training

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